from rain to sunshine

Hello dear friends. My journey to the Northwest has begun! I am sitting at the gate anxiously awaiting a 737 to pull up and whisk me away to that beloved city I can't stop talking about. Ironically I will be traveling from stormy winter weather here in Texas to partly/mostly sunny in Oregon. Funny how that works out. God's sense of humor! To all of you who are curious to see how things go, don't fret. I will do my absolute best to write a post everyday on the things I see, the people I meet, and the amazing things God let's me encounter. And I will include pictures so you get the full experience (almost)!

So aside from this trip, let me update you on something the Lord is teaching me. For those of you who know me well, you may know that I share things quite often, whether they be very personal or pretty mundane. You might also know that I somehow don't share things easily. I find it very difficult to open up in certain areas to certain people. Strange? Yes. I can't figure it out. Sometimes because I feel as though there is a lack of understanding or being on the same page on both sides about the matter. And other times I simply forget. This is not because of a lack of importance in my eyes, but because in my mind it is not a pressing matter. I hope this is not so abstract that it does not make sense. I want to be able to share with my family and friends and be vulnerable in order to grow. I'm working on it, I promise, but it will take some time so bear with me as I go through this slow learning process!

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