Hello dear friends of mine.
This is long overdue. I'm sure you have missed me, as I have missed you. I decided if I were to blog any day out of this year, this one in particular is a must. This day is the reason for  the name of my blog, after all. It is a unique day we get to cherish, and I have definitely done so. First, I would like to give a birthday shout out to my wonderful mother. She turned ** yesterday! I could have asked for a better mother, but no one would have ever surpassed the one the Lord gave me (or I guess He gave me to her). She is the best, by far! I love you, mom.

Another important note to make, which is another reason why I decided I must write today, is to inform you of some very thrilling news. It is official, folks. I am going to live in Portland, OR this summer as a summer missionary through Go Now Missions. There is a long explanation for what exactly I will be doing there, so I will save you the pain of reading a story as long as Harry Potter now. That will be for another post, or maybe even a series. This opportunity to be supported through Go Now fell in my lap, thanks to the Lord making that happen. I have expressed a desire to go and have felt peace from the Holy Spirit, but the logistics had not been worked out until a friend casually mentioned this ministry to me. I checked it out and about a week later I was scheduled for an interview. Not long after that interview I received word of my appointment to the Portland Parachute Project. I couldn't have been more ecstatic and blessed through that process. God is good!

So slowly, but surely I am navigating toward what God has in store for me upon graduating from the best university. It has been the perfect place for me. In less than three months I will be on the ground in the Northwest learning more about what it is like to live incarnationally. I crave these experiences and the best part is, they are even happening now with my church here in Austin. I pleaded with the Lord to take away thoughts of just wanting to be in Portland already and instead be filled with joy in life where I am at. He has come through. I can't tell you how blessed I am through all of this semester thus far, and I can't wait for more. Now please understand that this joy does not come from blessings of health and wealth as some "Christians" would say. It has come from a renewing of my mind through time with the Lord, and learning over and over how to abide in Him. It's so funny to me how many times we learn the same lesson. I am convinced we will never reach a moment in life where we have learned all there is to learn as humans. He uses the same lesson in different contexts to teach us more about His character. And every time I realize it, I laugh. The Lord has a sense of humor!

I feel like all of this is word vomit, so I hope it all makes sense. Maybe the Holy Spirit will intercede on behalf of my attempt at this. In any case, I hope this finds you well and that you enjoy this semester as much as He wants you to. I love you all dearly.