project: complete

Hi friends. I have had this post on hold for a while since my Portland trip interfered a little. But alas, here  is one project I have had in mind for a while and finally got around to finishing it. That doesn't happen often. There are plenty of materials and half finished projects laying around, so I am pleased to present this special gem to you. I found a similar project on pinterest and modified it according to the materials I could find.
I was a little hesitant to put more holes in the wall of my apartment so I went in search of an alternative. My lovely Phi Lamb friend Kayla had a similar diy at her wedding (or shower, I can't remember) so I inquired.
I picked up a roll of chicken wire at Home Depot and a can of oil rubbed spray paint to make the chicken wire look "vintage-y" (forgot to photograph this process). I discovered the wire was secured with a single strand of the same wire so I just repurposed this to wrap around the neck of each vase.
With my wooden frame (60% off at Michael's) in one hand and chicken wire in the other, I got to work with the staple gun and wire cutters (kitchen scissors). I aligned the edge of the wire to the edge of the frame to save on cutting.
The raw edge in the foreground was sticking out about a half inch, so I took some pliers and folded each piece down for safety. Have I mentioned how many times I have accidentally cut myself in the past few weeks? This was definitely for my benefit. Then I started cutting the wire to fit the frame and folded each piece down along the edges.
You'll notice the staples along the edge as well. I secured the wire to the frame with my handy staple gun (only $10). I pulled the wire taut so it would not bubble or warp in one direction and so the vases would not sag once attached.

 Once all the wire was cut, I attached the vases by twisting the wire around and pulled tightly to make sure they were secure. I certainly would not want broken glass on the floor! And then I hung up the nearly finished piece.

 And last but not least, I added some fresh gerber daisies. These are not my favorite flowers, but they were cheap and they looked good for a photo.
 The neat thing about this framed work is that it will change constantly. Once my gerber daisies keeled over, I sought out a different bunch. These don't fit as well in the "frame", but I still like them, especially with more than one flower on each stem.
 There you have it. A super simple project that should only take you and hour and a half (I took about a month!). What do you think? Not too bad, eh?